April Showers Bring May….

“The month of May not only brings about an abundance of new blooms fresh from hibernation, but reminds us how intricately we are connected with Mother Nature.  Her presence stimulates new awareness in our practice, leaving us as fertile grounds willing to reveal sprouts of Life-force that nourish the soul.  Just as Mother Nature annually re-creates her gardens, we too, continually re-create ourselves… only to harvest the mind/body connection.” – Marianne Impal

Silent Yoga Retreat 2013…

Back from our Silent Yoga Retreat, this much needed sabbatical was the perfect weekend retreat for 10 fabulous women.  A journey some embarked on for much needed answers, others for the experience, and some…. thought “What the heck!” But nothing could prepare these ladies for the insight, healing and much needed therapy given from silence.

silent retreat 2013 sold outA journey I set sail on just a little over a year ago after going through a rough patch of stormy waters myself.  With 24 hours of secluction from any source of talking, tv, music or reading, silence just proved how much we really do have all the answers within.

And so, after sharing this experience with my yoga class one day, I was asked by a dedicated student if I would be so bold as to host a silent retreat for others to experience.  Whoola! Silent Yoga Retreat 2013 was christened this past weekend, selling out with an intimate group of 10 women ranging in ages from 23-60 years young. 10 strangers who expected to receive much needed renewal, but had no idea they would become liberated and spared years of therapy in a weekend.  Here are what just some of them had to say…

“Thank you so much for putting together the silent retreat. I never imagined, that at 23 years old, a “simple” trip could make such a difference in my life. It’s really changed my prospective on a lot that I do/ have done. You did a wonderful job putting it together 🙂  truly cannot thank you enough.” 

“Thanks a million once again Marianne for a well planned out silent retreat. It was a wonderful healing experience for me and I know that it wouldn’t have been quite so extraordinary without your thoughtful dedication…  The fact that I had the opportunity to experinece this with amazing women made it even more special. The timing was perfect!!  Happy Spring/Renewal and hope to see you all again soon.”
“Thank you again SO MUCH for organizing the retreat.  It was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I did it.  Please keep me posted if you plan on organizing another one in the future.”
“I was very happy about how everything was planned. It was very organized and thought out. I wouldn’t have minded a little more time in silence though. It took a while to get use to, but once I did, the thoughts kept coming. I was veIry pleased with my whole experience.”
It was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed each moment of it. I hope I get a chance to do it again.”
I hope we get to do it again soon too! 🙂

School Yoga…

It’s been a challenging road for this persistant yogi, who’s tried for the last 12+ years to share my passion for Yoga Empowerment with teens, and now I can proudly say…  that journey arrived earlier this week.  Phew! (Wiping my forehead with the back of my hand in one swish!) And what a journey it has been!

Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment 4 Self-esteem) has always been an achiever introducing workshops around various cities for empowering kids and teens from ages 10 and up with our program outline, but, I admit, our true mission at heart has always been to share this successful program within the school district.

When recently polled by an all-girls private school as to what type of program THEY felt they would benefit most from in their curriculum?  Teachers and administration never guessed their answer would be “Stress Management”.  That’s where we come in!


For more information on how to bring Yoga Empowerment into your school, please contact us at info@RaeCole.com