Silent Yoga Retreat 2013…

Back from our Silent Yoga Retreat, this much needed sabbatical was the perfect weekend retreat for 10 fabulous women.  A journey some embarked on for much needed answers, others for the experience, and some…. thought “What the heck!” But nothing could prepare these ladies for the insight, healing and much needed therapy given from silence.

silent retreat 2013 sold outA journey I set sail on just a little over a year ago after going through a rough patch of stormy waters myself.  With 24 hours of secluction from any source of talking, tv, music or reading, silence just proved how much we really do have all the answers within.

And so, after sharing this experience with my yoga class one day, I was asked by a dedicated student if I would be so bold as to host a silent retreat for others to experience.  Whoola! Silent Yoga Retreat 2013 was christened this past weekend, selling out with an intimate group of 10 women ranging in ages from 23-60 years young. 10 strangers who expected to receive much needed renewal, but had no idea they would become liberated and spared years of therapy in a weekend.  Here are what just some of them had to say…

“Thank you so much for putting together the silent retreat. I never imagined, that at 23 years old, a “simple” trip could make such a difference in my life. It’s really changed my prospective on a lot that I do/ have done. You did a wonderful job putting it together 🙂  truly cannot thank you enough.” 

“Thanks a million once again Marianne for a well planned out silent retreat. It was a wonderful healing experience for me and I know that it wouldn’t have been quite so extraordinary without your thoughtful dedication…  The fact that I had the opportunity to experinece this with amazing women made it even more special. The timing was perfect!!  Happy Spring/Renewal and hope to see you all again soon.”
“Thank you again SO MUCH for organizing the retreat.  It was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I did it.  Please keep me posted if you plan on organizing another one in the future.”
“I was very happy about how everything was planned. It was very organized and thought out. I wouldn’t have minded a little more time in silence though. It took a while to get use to, but once I did, the thoughts kept coming. I was veIry pleased with my whole experience.”
It was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed each moment of it. I hope I get a chance to do it again.”
I hope we get to do it again soon too! 🙂


My Silent Sabbatical was… how shall we say? Speechless.  Yea, that’d be it.  Here I spent much time savoring every moment just to share every juicy detail with you, but…. what can I say?  It’s just too much information.  What I can tell you was that it was AMAZING.  POWERFUL. And even… LIBERATING.

For someone who thought she would have no time to indulge in 24 hours of silence, made sure she took care of all the necessities prior to this adventure.

Oh you probably think by necessities, I mean like making sure my family was set, meals planned, laundry done? Um… not exactly.  I mean the necessities to better captivate my first Silent Sabbatical experience. Selfish you say?  You betchya.  That is what a sabbatical is all about isn’t it?

I was sure to plan a 90 minute massage the night before… pedied my toes, filed my nails and got a much needed haircut.  Please!  There’s nothing like staring at a harboring of winters hibernated and neglected toes via Downward Facing Dog without some kind of distraction!

Oh and it was worth it.  Yes… I actually spent a full 24 hours in silence.  Hubby thought I needed more.  Hmmm… wonder why?

Booked my B&B.  Shut out any and all distractions… no people, no conversation, no TV, no reading, no music, no phone… no nothin’.  Just me and yoga, meditation, prayer and much, much journaling.

Thank you O keyboard for allowing me to form words under my fingertips so quickly and easily… my cramped writing hand is very grateful and you were very missed.

My experience was melodic as I dove into the repeated cycle of yoga, meditation and journaling being sure to never look back, never re-read and definitely not to edit my long string of thoughts.

Know what the highlight of my experience was?  Breakfast.  Sure there were many highlights and defining moments, but breakfast was way up there! The Innkeeper, kind enough to make arrangements with me for breakfast, quietly knocked on the door and left my breakfast door-side.  See, I assumed she was going out of her way for me and breakfast would simply be a plate of some food, a poured cup of coffee and by time she reached the top of the third floor it would be cold and I was okay with that.  But something else appeared before my very eyes… presentation! Warmth. Compassion. Beauty.  Right before my very eyes was the most beautiful and thoughtful breakfast anyone has ever brought me.  Everything delectably presented in it’s own special bowl or plate.  Little cut-out shaped butter, cloth napkins, a flower in a vase, a little handwritten note to me…and the colors! From eggs, to fruit to muffins…each its own display of rich colors, A N D…. a HUGE vat of piping hot coffee just for me!  I had to fight every urge not to pull out my cellphone and take a picture.  Instead I stared at its beauty and downloaded it into my brain for future reference.

Yes, the food was good and she did a huge favor for me in bringing it, but what was the most touching, is that it made me feel worthy of it.  It encompassed and sealed the sabbatical with the very intention of its purpose.  It made me feel like a special little girl sitting in her bedroom up high on the top floor of her mansion house, being nurtured, taken care of and put back together because I was worth it.  It wasn’t about what anyone said.  It was an energy transaction of something I created on deeper level.

This sabbatical confirmed what I teach, what I know and what I believe.  We truly do have all the answers deep inside us. The very mind-chatter everyone is trying to break free from… was the very anecdote to cure my decision paralysis.  When done correctly and used in the right environment, a Silent Sabbatical really is the best medicine to O.D. on for 24 hours.