“Refueling our body of vitality and life-force is essential in restoring our natural balance; just as it is essential to balance our checkbooks before making additional transactions, to avoid depletion.  Much of our balance comes from recognizing what the mind and body are asking for to heal, and when we become sensitive to those needs, we command the courage needed to receive, so that our accounts feel wealthy and any credits, paid in full.” ~ Marianne Impal

April Showers Bring May….

“The month of May not only brings about an abundance of new blooms fresh from hibernation, but reminds us how intricately we are connected with Mother Nature.  Her presence stimulates new awareness in our practice, leaving us as fertile grounds willing to reveal sprouts of Life-force that nourish the soul.  Just as Mother Nature annually re-creates her gardens, we too, continually re-create ourselves… only to harvest the mind/body connection.” – Marianne Impal

The Cherry Line-up…

I often put much thought into the messages I plan to share with my yoga students during class.  Sometimes those messages are literally copied from a book excerpt or quote and sometimes when I’m quiet enough those messages can easily be channeled through me and onto paper.

As we’ve put much effort to empowering ourselves this month by listening to those little subtleties our bodies and thoughts give us, it’s amazing how much effort it takes on certain days just to stay in true “alignment”.  We’re not talking physical alignment or the alignment a chiropractor hopes to crack his patients into.  We’re talking Universal Alignment or Energetic Alignment.  I like to imagine this alignment as if all the cherry’s lined up on slot machine during your recent trip to Vegas, kind of alignment.  Everything just effortlessly lines up with just a pull of the handle and monsoons of money or fulfillment as I like to think of it, comes pouring out and flooding your pockets.

It was this quote that I was consciously able to channel that resonated with many of my students, to request copies of it for their own cherry line-up experience:

“When we map out a journey we “think” is leading us to the destination of our dreams, we realize the Universe may have a different path than was intended.  Suddenly our dreams charter different routes filled with many bumps and detours along the way.  When we become conscious of the bigger picture paved by the Universe, but designed specifically for us; we realize our dreams are still there like a destination waiting to be visited, only now filled with more appreciation for the lessons learned and the strength endured along the way.”

Channeling? Or plain ol’ life experience?  You be the judge…

Ding! Ding! Ding!