School Yoga…

It’s been a challenging road for this persistant yogi, who’s tried for the last 12+ years to share my passion for Yoga Empowerment with teens, and now I can proudly say…  that journey arrived earlier this week.  Phew! (Wiping my forehead with the back of my hand in one swish!) And what a journey it has been!

Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment 4 Self-esteem) has always been an achiever introducing workshops around various cities for empowering kids and teens from ages 10 and up with our program outline, but, I admit, our true mission at heart has always been to share this successful program within the school district.

When recently polled by an all-girls private school as to what type of program THEY felt they would benefit most from in their curriculum?  Teachers and administration never guessed their answer would be “Stress Management”.  That’s where we come in!


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And So The Tree Grows….

Not long after our first Teacher Certification, did the workshops start to boom and more teacher certifications went under way.  We have officially spread our tree limbs to new branches of Y.E.S. including, but definitely not limited to: Kickboxing and our latest Running/Nutrition program.  All workshops contain master outlines, techniques, exercise and let’s not forget the gifts! Oh and I should mention, an experience your kiddos will not forget. 🙂

At Y.E.S., we are not about promising any self-esteem miracles for your girls, not worried about performing overnight self-esteem successes, in fact, we let the girls do all the work! Our motto here at Y.E.S. is “Practice Makes Possible.”  Not perfect.  Our Certified Y.E.S. Leaders are trained to provide your girls with their expert knowledge and give the necessary tools for your girls to “practice” their self-esteem.   That’s it, you heard right…PRACTICE their self-esteem.  It’s their participation in living a positive future that will make all the difference, they just need the right guidance, in the right direction and we provide just that!

Feel free to checkout our website for a fitness training program to best fit your daughters needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

BLESSED BY Y.E.S. (First Teacher Training Certification)

My heart exploded recently from a sudden gush of that gooey, warm, overwhelming feeling one gets, but this had nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey, this was just my heart being blessed by 6 beautiful souls.

Nothing short of Divine channeling has brought me 6 powerful women who recently became our Y.E.S. certified leaders in helping to promote positive self-esteem in young girls, one workshop-at-a-time.

With our first successful Teacher Certification under our belt, we are excited to see our waiting list grow with eager instructors who want to inspire, teach and promote a mission close to their hearts as well as mine.

Y.E.S. is proud to congratulate and honor these women: Sharon Savage, Alyson Leinbach, Victoria Purcell, Carrie Schick, Shannon Hurley and Sandy Gatto.

Welcome TEAM Y.E.S.!!!