And So The Tree Grows….

Not long after our first Teacher Certification, did the workshops start to boom and more teacher certifications went under way.  We have officially spread our tree limbs to new branches of Y.E.S. including, but definitely not limited to: Kickboxing and our latest Running/Nutrition program.  All workshops contain master outlines, techniques, exercise and let’s not forget the gifts! Oh and I should mention, an experience your kiddos will not forget. 🙂

At Y.E.S., we are not about promising any self-esteem miracles for your girls, not worried about performing overnight self-esteem successes, in fact, we let the girls do all the work! Our motto here at Y.E.S. is “Practice Makes Possible.”  Not perfect.  Our Certified Y.E.S. Leaders are trained to provide your girls with their expert knowledge and give the necessary tools for your girls to “practice” their self-esteem.   That’s it, you heard right…PRACTICE their self-esteem.  It’s their participation in living a positive future that will make all the difference, they just need the right guidance, in the right direction and we provide just that!

Feel free to checkout our website for a fitness training program to best fit your daughters needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

Teens Hardwired…

The agony over headgear and braces is now long gone as scientists urge parents to take a closer look at how our teens are Hardwired.

After reading a recent article during a usual Sunday routine of extra strong WaWa in one hand and a morning paper in the other… I tend to leave my Parade articles for the last scrumptious dessert read after gobbling through mounds of local news and gazillion ads that add bad calories to my wallet instead of my hips.

This weeks highlight, Inside Your Teen’s Head, by Judith Newman. This of course would catch my attention as the last 3 plus years I have dedicated my days to researching such topics close to heart for the benefit of two growing girls and my growing desire to sometimes want to cash it all in when the surge of hormones flux between 3 women living in one household.  Just as we used to blame chocolate for corrupting our face with pimples, we can no longer blame only hormones for the slithering noodle-like, sleep deprived creature, who forgets even the basics of basic and turns emotions on and off  like a bad teen reality show.

Get this… so I knew about the whole Prefrontal Cortex thingy from Dr. Laura Berman, the renowned sex expert often highlighted on Oprah.  Those of you not familiar with this not so layman’s terms, the Prefrontal Cortex is located towards the front of the brain and as chief commander,it is in charge of consequences, planning ahead and weighing priorities.  A part of the brain said to not fully develop until we are well into our twenties. YES! TWENTIES!!!  Crazy, I know, but it’s true.  So when we see our teenagers uploading YouTube video’s of themselves after repeatedly telling them not to because of the “consequences”… you now know why.

Here’s the kicker… as if that doesn’t shock you enough, scientists have now proven in a recent study with kids and the occasional brain surges that happen from childhood to adulthood; there is yet a huge surge that happens right before puberty hits followed by a period of “pruning”.  This pruning is associated with our use-it or lose-it capabilities, where certain skills will continue to develop and others will fade into their hard drive.  Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute states, “The brain is very efficient, allowing you to become more adept at the life skills you’re going to use-which is why these are the years to set good work habits in place.”  Just writing this is already inspiring me for another article, so stay posted…

Anyone who knows me or what I believe in; this just confirms how much we need to teach our girls how to practice their self-worth.  Eventually with practice, comes the possibility of a positive self-image for our girls.

Oh, and can I just let you in on a little secret?  My slithery noodle-like teenager is peacefully snoring away on the couch behind me, missing school today.  Why?  I will let the school know she has physically exhausted herself after much pruning in the Prefrontal Cortex region. 🙂

A positive resource on how you can aid in the development of a girls body image, please visit our website at for more information.

Enough Blaming Media for your Purging Teen…

It’s been eons since I last attempted my favorite Blogoncert with lyrical words to match my renditions of life, family, work and do I dare mention teen girls?  So forgive me if my rant seems a little like a rage…

As a owner and creator of The Gift Series by RaeCole™, it’s a no wonder why I am frequently inundated with parents, customers and the occasional woman at the salon who reveals way too much information on personal facets of her teen daughters life, stressing and blaming her misery on hormones.

If you’re a parent like me who believes in Positive Parenting, then you are also a parent who is probably overwhelmed with what you do on regular basis that will no doubt impact the life of your kids in a positive way.  I can only speak for myself with girls at the awkward ages of 11 and 13.  Ages that proudly project the blossoms of womanhood and surges of hormones on daily basis.

With all the hype on  New Age waves of Positive Parenting, comes a major guffaw in the system, and that is Parents who are Positive to begin with. What? But of course surely, a parent teaching positive behavior in their children would by far be role modeling such attitudes themselves, right?

Mmmm, not so much.

This is real easy to remember people so pay close attention!  Can you say ROLE MODEL?  Can you act like a ROLE MODEL?  Sounds childish… maybe, but role modeling is keeeeeey!  Why is it I continue to run into moms who say one thing to their child, but turn around and do the opposite.  Let me give you an example, going back to my WomanWhoGivesTooMuchInformationOnOverload in the salon:  Mother and Daughter getting their hair done at a local salon.  Daughter rants over the stringiness of her hair to the stylist, sits in the chair with shoulders rounding into the letter “C”.  She continues to berate the thighs she’s inherited by her Mother’s gene pool and how she wants thicker, longer hair to draw attention away from the natural curves puberty has given her. (okay I added that last bit of puberty, but it’s true!)  The stylist and the girls mom then begin to politely tell her how crazy she is like any adult would.  The Mom’s voice raises and insists her daughter shouldn’t talk like that about herself… how beautiful… how to be happy with what God gave her…. blah, blah, blah, BLAH!….. she should’ve stopped right there.  Unfortunately, nothing could keep her rattling mouth from spilling ajar again, as she turned the attention towards herself, only to belittle what has come over her body after having two kids, breastfeeding, not exercising anymore and blah, blah again.

I don’t get it.  Saying something positive and encouraging to your child is just part of the step.  That’s the EASY part if anything.  Hell, there’s lots more to it and unfortunately, the change has to come with YOU!  Us as parents.  We the village raising the new born crops.

Now you wanna talk body image?  I agree, I agree, I TOTALLY agree… media plays a HUGE part on the mindset of girls, totally screwing with their egos, metamorphosing their views in the mirror, but enough of the blame game.  I don’t think Media is going to be hiring size 8 models anytime soon and now that computer enhancement is at its prime, Airbrushing won’t be going extinct in this lifetime.

SO… what do we do?  We change the perception starting at home.  Oprah says we can’t blame the way our lives turn out by blaming what happened in our past… just like you can’t expect us to blame Media for the purging child in the high school bathroom either.  Blame means not taking responsibility.  You can only curb the magazines and tv shows that your child watches in the home, but is it realistic to shelter our children throughout their adolescence, only to have it all highlighted to them like a neon sign by time they reach college?

How many of you struggle with finding this balance at home?