BLESSED BY Y.E.S. (First Teacher Training Certification)

My heart exploded recently from a sudden gush of that gooey, warm, overwhelming feeling one gets, but this had nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey, this was just my heart being blessed by 6 beautiful souls.

Nothing short of Divine channeling has brought me 6 powerful women who recently became our Y.E.S. certified leaders in helping to promote positive self-esteem in young girls, one workshop-at-a-time.

With our first successful Teacher Certification under our belt, we are excited to see our waiting list grow with eager instructors who want to inspire, teach and promote a mission close to their hearts as well as mine.

Y.E.S. is proud to congratulate and honor these women: Sharon Savage, Alyson Leinbach, Victoria Purcell, Carrie Schick, Shannon Hurley and Sandy Gatto.

Welcome TEAM Y.E.S.!!!


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