Dedicated Yogi…

When I started teaching Yoga over 12 years ago, it quickly became apparent the feeling of camaraderie during each class.  A sense of good energy…a feeling of “I belong here” and support most would receive during a session while splayed out on a couch perhaps with their trusted therapist.

The exchange of every energy transaction has been nothing short of abundance for me and well… I hope my students too.

I decided to open my email door for those willing to share their Yoga experiences, pictures, inspirations, and lessons learned through yoga in hopes their shared experiences would only inspire a positive domino effect bound to uncoil its way through even the most dormant of Kundalini energy and I’m lovin’ the love I’m receiving thus far!

Just got this great photo in from one of my dedicated Yoga students while vacationing in the Adirondacks.  His awesome version of Tree Pose, on top of a tree no less.  To top it off, he claims the tree was bouncing up and down testing his balance… and his patience I presume! 🙂 Love this and keep sharing!


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