This week I’ve been focusing on what it means to be Wholistic or Holistic during my classes

Recently during casual chit-chat with a friend who was dealing with the conception of  her 2nd winter cold, she snuffed back a tingle in her nose preventing her from sneezing, when I offered a little advice of what she could possibly do in preventing that birth to ever happen.

She jokingly embraced her fingers into quotation marks and as she fluttered them open and closed, she replied “Oh, you probably have all those Holistic potions and cures up your sleeve.”

I couldn’t help but smirk, as this is nothing new I haven’t heard before.  Hmmmm… well I kinda do have my share of “potions” as they call it in my kitchen cabinet, but seriously people, it’s like some natural stuff I picked up at our local natural foods store that really work!  But this isn’t the point I’m trying to make…

Society has left us feeling as if Holistic is a belief.  A way of life that ONLY incorporates the natural, and by golly there are some out there that do.  I’ve had the heart break of watching a friend die of stage four Cancer, because her strong beliefs in a Holistic life were so tunneled into one direction… one belief; she unfortunately faced death instead opening herself up into the possibility there could be something else out there to save her.

I’m a huge believe in el’naturale as well, but dammit if I’ve tried everything I know to stop my migraine from coming and I’m dealing with severe pain for several hours, you can bet I’ll be reachin’ for a strong hit of some high dose migraine medicine!  But this is not all about medicine.

Let me clarify.  Wholistic is an approach.  It means that you are coming to the table with an open mind.  That you are willing to be open to the “possibility” there may be something else out there.  It’s about integrating ALL that we know in order for us to feel complete.  It’s about understanding there are many ways to greatness, success, health, spirituality and happiness and it is a privilege to have all these options available to us at the click of a Google search.

“When we educate ourselves on the willingness to be open minded, to not judge, to accept there is more than one way to happiness and to have the ability to integrate all that we know to feel complete; we then become at one with ourselves and our community as a United and Wholistc being.”


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