Keep Your Mouth Shut…

… well okay, my mouth that is.

Reservations are set at a local Bed & Breakfast and it’s a done deal, my first ever Sabbatical… turned into “Code of Silence”.  This February 16th, 2012 I will dedicate a full 24 hours to complete and utter silence.  Some may call it  “Code Red” where I just might turn a little Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs, but all more enticing of a challenge to try.

Blame it on good ol’ Hubby to suggest such a getaway, although I’m not sure if this was exactly what he had in mind.  This particular sabbatical I have chosen to do in complete silence due to some tough upcoming major decisions that have recently brought me to a dead end halt… only the only detour around this decision is that there isn’t any detour.  A climb through step by step process of no tv,  phone, cell phone, computer, reading and especially no talking, will I ever dream of coming into clarity.

Wish me luck on yet another journey of the unknown!


One thought on “Keep Your Mouth Shut…

  1. I’m so happy you’re doing this!! You deserve it & have given me the inspiration to take my version of sabbatical. I’m with you in spirit… and my spirit promises to be silent. Here’s to quiet peace Goddess.

    Love ya!

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