Manifesting the power of Mompreneurs…

The power of manifestation defaults through again and this time it’s comin’ through BIG!

It’s no secret I’ve been holding an internet affair with 5 women for quite some time now.  Five of the most inspiring, “make you feel good all over” women from various parts of the U.S.

Our online affair began over 2 years ago in pursuit to find a deep connection for what we held in common.  A relationship that I cheated on right here in my own back yard and did what I preach to my girls not to do… indulge in internet relationships.

Our common link? Entrepreneurs.  Not just any entrepreneurs, but MOMpreneurs used to CEO’ing households… now turning tricks with our very own companies.

As the turn of Social Media hit an all time high some few years ago, so began our ongoing relationship in support of Women in business.  At first it started as a general thread of common-band, but slowly our support and network grew into a strong friendship, with more Facebook “likes” and ReTweets you can imagine.  Those ReTweets and Facebook follows eventually turned into email chats, skype calls and eventually phone chats bonding us closer and closer together with visions of a grand meeting someday.  Unfortunately with our own self-employed businesses, family, kids, lack of finances and good old fashioned life, it seemed like meeting would be ages away.

Alas we surrendered, and alas the manifesting began with a Universal pull much stronger than us, that decided different.

Our day of glory is finally arriving and as the Social Media guru in me screams “Oh Hail to the Mighty!”, I cannot help but share our amazing feat, devotion and calling to something greater.

Call it stroke of luck or Divine intervention, but out of a long list of possible mommy owned companies that could have come together, to support this benefit, our group was hand-picked, tweaked and fine tuned to miraculously bring only us… together.

MOMpreneurs unite for the very first time to support

STOP Child Trafficking Now.

Join us in supporting this MOMentous and charitable event June 28th, at the infamous Marquee Nightclub, located in New York City from 6-9pm.  For more information on ticket sales and V.I.P. treats, click Here.

BIG thanks to Desiree Frieson at Mahogany Communications, LLC. for her amazing and ongoing force behind bringing this powerful event together.  Mompreneurs include: Ros Guerrero, founder of Ficklets, Sheena Edwards, founder of Lizzie Lou Shoes, Roberta Wagner, founder of Carry Her, Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms, Amy Sapirstein, founder of Mommy Mitten and me, Marianne Impal, founder of The Gift of Confidence by RaeCole.

Watch out NYC, here we come!!!


2 thoughts on “Manifesting the power of Mompreneurs…

  1. Wow! You take my breath away… thank you for writing about our NYC event & how it’s going to be a life-changing experience for all of us. Here’s to coming together & making a difference for others!! xoxo

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