Media changing Media…

If that’s what it’s gonna take for messages to become clear, it’s Media having to change Media.  What I mean is, those in the Media spotlight are going to have to be the ones to voice the important message of what false Media can do to the immature brain-flex of young kids today.

In highlight of ongoing struggles with bullying, eating disorders, depression and teen suicide just to name a few, it is nice to see Hollywood A-Listers taking a stand together in the solution to this multi-faceted virus infecting many teens today.   As I have written before in “Enough Blaming Media for your Purging Daughter”, it is true that much of what results in the eyes of a teen is reflected from behind closed doors.  What happens in the home… what’s communicated verbally, physically AND energetically is easily dispersed upon our progeny, knowing we can only control a slim portion of such; BUT to have Hollywood’s finest add their two cents into the mix, makes it all the better.


But then what?

Yes, bullying has been a problem for years, but now we suddenly have Social Media, Technology and Texting that has succumbed even the weakest link to find strength in bullying electronically and brought it to its full time high.  I’ve heard of Beer-Muscles, but now kids have to deal with Techno-Muscles?  Strength that one only finds from behind the comfort of technology?

I am not a bullying expert, although I have been known to passionately verbalize what I consider to be one small solution for at least the girls.  All I can say is, don’t wait till it’s too late!

Congrats To Ellen and her clan for putting this unified voice together.  It’s nice to know many celebs have had their share of bullying, not fitting in and awkwardness that molded them into the success they are today.  I think it was Mitch from Modern Family who explained to Manny after experiencing the same trauma: “… funny you spend most of your time in school just trying to fit in and when you are an adult, you make every effort to be different.”


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