XX Chromosomes = Leader

As follower of First Lady Maria Shriver, First Lady Michelle Obama and the only First Lady qualified as a First name Legend and be known for it… Oprah; I can’t help but emphasize the empowering affects these strong Women have on today’s Women in society, but hey, I can only speak for myself.

Architects of Change, as Kris Ruby highlights in this years 2010 Women’s Conference: ” Smart, strong, capable and compassionate leaders who see a problem and seek to create the solution.”

Without putting a down low on the instrumental men in this world, it seems obvious to me as a woman just how influential our beautiful set of double X chromosomes play as huge parts in the strength, determination and ability to solve solutions for the greater part of our future.  Which brings up a recent conversation I had with a friend one day as we complained about our husbands fathering skills or lack there of and with the support of a WordPress by my side, allows me the honor in stating the below:

Men fix problems.

Women solve solutions.

The difference?

Guys, it’s okay.  You “tend” to fix things.  This is great for the here, the now.  You’ll be the first to dive into your problem fixing shed of equipment to find the right tool to tinker with.  To help a lady in distress or do whatever it takes to make your daughter feel good at the moment.  It was a man after all who invented the Band-Aid, right?  Ouch!, did I just say that?  Yes, Band-Aid.  The quick fix.

Lady’s.  We on the other hand solve solutions.  We don’t see a problem and think, “Hmmmm… how can I fix this now.”  We think “Hey, this is a problem and no matter what it takes, I’m gonna find the solution so it doesn’t happen again, and if I can’t find the solution, I will create one on my own!”  This my lady friends is called EMPOWERMENT and INNOVATION.  Taking charge of the problem,  looking it square in the eye, as we teeter out of the “norm” and create a solution; shooing problem away and wiping our hands clean of it, never to be seen again.  Leaders The Women’s Conference address, are not only about Women who make a difference, but Women who give themselves permission to be different.  Re-inventing themselves and contributing what they’ve learned with the world.

If I must share an intimate vision that occasionally pops into my already mindless chattered brain, is to someday share the stage with these Women.  What?  You don’t think I can?  Perhaps they will find my solution to a Healthy Body Image interesting.  Maybe a Mother/Daughter Yoga Empowerment Workshop?  Okay, maybe I will be in the audience, proudly standing tall as if to feel their presence and in my mind think I am actually sharing the stage.

Whatever the outcome, it is inventions and conferences like these setting the stage for more little XX Chromosomes of the future and leaders of the now.

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