Purity in a Box…

Eagerly unwrapping ribbons of patterned crunchy paper to unveil a tiny box that she suspiciously springs open, only to find a sparkling silver band ring staring back, she can’t help but wonder what occasion this gift may be for.  Her questioning eyes glance up to find her parents as she slides and wiggles her new addition onto her ring finger to find its perfect place nestled beyond her knuckles.  Gazing back at this silver loop encircled around her finger, she notices a small inscription in which she rolls her finger from side to side to read: “True Love Awaits”31MW-9DEmmL._SL500_AA280_This ring known as a Purity Ring, is a ring given by a parent or parents to their daughter with a trust to remain abstinent and withhold from any sexual acts with boys.  Sort of a “love contract” between parent and child that says “Hey, it is obvious you are getting older, your body is changing and the boys that are friends now, may soon feel the urge to take things a little more seriously.”  “Whattya say we make a contract now and use this ring as a reminder, that you are loved and your body is sacred space and off limits to any boys?”

PURE“To be clean, uncontaminated, immaculate, natural and wholesome.” Words a parent would only hope to describe for their teen daughters, right?

I love the idea of the Purity Ring, but unfortunately, the ring of hope is getting toxic feedback from the teens that don’t condone it.  For obvious reasons these such teens that turn against the sacred space of Self, are probably the ones our kids should be leary of, but alas these kids are all bundled together in one school or sport with each of there unique diversities publicized.  Diversity not being a bad thing, but an obvious one.  It’s unfortunate for the kid who’s parents lovingly pondered over and picked the right timing to take preventive measures for there adolescent, is getting slack from friends from the one gift she probably cherishes most.

Until recently, The Gift Series by RaeCole™ was a keepsake gift to be passed down to our daughters like a Modern Day Hope Chest…a conversation starter where words may fumble as communication gets strained… a gift for her first period or maybe even…. a Purity Gift Box?  I’ve had numerous happy customers who continue to make light of new creative uses for this wonderful treasure, but I never thought of it as a Purity Gift, but it makes perfect sense.  While at a recent Expo, I had an older Woman approach me to learn more about the “Gift”.  She asked questions like what is in it?  What is it used for and when would I give it?  As she continued to chat and read the slew of info. I had, it seemed as if her wheels were turning.  She explained how she just recently saw her Granddaughter and was surprised, to say the least… how much change was overcoming her.  She looked “different”… almost too mature for her age, she talked “different” and the very thought of her seasoned Granddaughter making decisions that she would regret in the future alarmed her.  She was looking into Purity Rings, but thought her “too cool” Grandspawn may shun upon a gift that would “out” her of this private contract.  She bought The Gift Series™ and decided when the timing was right, she would spend that much needed private quality time with her and use this Purity Gift as the perfect segue into what being Pure is all about.  What made more sense was that even though this Gift couldn’t be worn on her finger to remind her and those toxic so called “friends”, the keepsake would stay just as sacred in her private space as teens spend much time in their cave-rooms…. her reminder would always be present.  Whenever she would question herself, the gift would have those special hand picked treasures to reassure her of the love that comes from within.

So there you have it… yet another use for The Gift Series by RaeCole™.  A sign of Purity that comes Wholesome in a Box.  Not sure I know of another gift that has so many uses!

If you have another idea for The Gift or a story on how you instilled Purity in your daughter, please share with us Moms!


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