Divine after Dysfunction…

This blogger is back and as my WebPal Felicia puts it… a Blogcation was key in order to rejuvenate my voice as empowered woman, mompreneur, wifey and most importantly, good old fashioned – MOM.

Taking most of the summer off from writing and researching “stuff”, marketing and advertising “stuff”, I’ve been trying to figure out my role in this Universe as the struggle of my on again, off again romance with my business continues to put our relationship through the ultimate test.  Trusting our Super Glue bond was meant to last forever, has been leaving me wondering if this has always been a one sided relationship.  A dysfunctional relationship at that.

Products always sitting there looking pretty

The Gift Series by RaeCole

with shiney tassels adorning each box gracefully awaiting the presence of a young girl to open it, praise it and cherish it high on a shelf for all to see. While I on the other hand find myself holding high expectations, sure to magnify any flaws and enable our dysfunctional relationship to continue as years pass.  Why I would never do such emotional damage to my own child, let a lone a product that has done nothing but bring joy into young girls lives.

This summer was spent surrendering each layer of that dysfunction one by one…. tear by tear, affirmation by affirmation.  I couldn’t have told you this was what I was doing during the peeling of the layers, but after spending some time apart…. the finale peacefully ended with no fireworks… just the rippling sounds of  inhales filling my lungs, did I realize it was over.  Not our product/person relationship, but my “conditional” relationship with business.  Somewhere along the lines, my expectations must’ve short-circuited so that the driving force keeping my business alive came from fear with the downfall of economy instead of passion.  These dysfunctional relationships that many entrepreneurs go through are common, scary and often kept hidden in the closets with a feeling of failure, but you can always count on me to blurt out my obvious flaws!

My surrendering felt indescribably effortless, spacious, empowering and relaxing all the same time.  I have felt my “no expectation” rule of thumb on many, many issues from personal to physical, but I have never felt a feeling so comfortable in the business world.  It makes me think of my comfortable home base.

It’s important for us to recognize these times when our balance becomes off-kiltered, to allow those layers to peel away and ask ourselves where exactly is my drive (if any) coming from?  Taking our dysfunctional relationship to the overly worn-out couch of a relationship counselor who will tell you  admitting to our faults is key to moving forward in any relationship, business or not.  It is here where once masked layers unveil our core self and shining of new divine light reappears.

Bringing back divine light into my product/business relationship, and the driving force which will enable all young girls to feel a sense of empowerment and strength from one simple product and one simple acknowledgment… the new and improved



Empowering Products for Girls

 CONFIDENCE right in the Palm of Her Hands!


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