There’s No Place Like Home…

It’s been a common link between mutual friends lately about our personal relationships with economy, society and toxic situations.  Being in the field I’m in, I’m fortunately surrounded by the most positive of friends with an intricate web for a support system that would make Charlotte’s Web seem minuscule.  How is it that I was blessed enough to have a network such as this?  Easy… I manifested it that way and you can to.

My gracious heart becomes overwhelmed with emotion for my fine assortment of friends, family and colleagues who have been carefully arranged just so… to hoist me up when I fumble into a messy scarecrow of hay particles drowning in prickly straw waiting to be stuffed and put back together again.  With this happening on so many occasions, you’d think my fillings would have turned into the Tin Man by now, but my heart is too full to be a character lacking as such.

As I continue to write this, maybe I can picture myself like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  On her infamous journey to happiness, peace…  homeHome being state of mind, where everything feels just right, everything falls into place and you feel completely entrusted in the Universe.  A place where it all began, before family, school and society molded you.  Before work and responsibilities labeled you.  Do you remember that person… that state of Mind?  That state of Mind is a true sense of self, fabricated from the Divine or … Home Base.  Where it starts and where it will someday end.  You, me, us at our core –  way before the layers of ego, judgment, guilt or society easily suffocated their way blindlessly on us.  For many spiritual seekers it’s called Samadhi or pure enlightenment.  For others it’s simply called happiness.  I like to think of it as Home, because nothing feels quite as good as kicking up your feet, letting loose, leaving “it” all at the door and relaxing into a trusted, safe space such as Home.

It is after all what we all want, isn’t it?  It’s true, we all want it, but we all have very different ways of getting there – as happiness for one person can mean something completely different for another.  If only we would all recognize and honor this path of many, we would understand and appreciate those that come in and out of our lives as the perfect pieces to an ongoing puzzle. Some staying with us for years to come like an old comfy blanket never to be thrown out and those just visiting as if to learn that much needed lesson before journeying back on their yellow brick road.

ruby_slippers11We in hindsight are all like Dorothy on her winding road, meeting up with some of those important friends in life that we for a moment have a choice whether or not to let in on our journey, as we support each other when hurdling obstacles and dodging toxic people along the way.  She in turn does find her happiness, but only because she consciously surrounded herself with those that would sustain her dream, moving forward and realizing in the end that she had the strength, power and encouragement within her all along.  Home to Dorothy was Kansas, but Home to us can simply be a Mind set.

I apologize as I can’t remember the author that wrote this (maybe you can help me out), but I remember him saying that when he first met his wife, it felt like he’d come home.  I had the very same feeling when dating Hubby… he felt like an energy that had been with me for years, and it was comfortable, familiar and right.  That’s what Home should feel like, that’s what our path should feel like and even though we may get sidetracked and lost along the way, we can always slide into Home Base to intuitively guide us like a handy GPS system already enabled and ready to go.  As we cannot control the pandemonium in the world today… we can only practice the control of visitors, circumstances and thoughts that come in and out of our Home. Just don’t be afraid to shut the door once in a while! 🙂


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