Feng Shui Mother’s Day…

I’m a little late discussing my post Mother’s Day festivities, but only because my festivities landed me as Marianne the Merri  Maid on Mother’s Day.  Don’t feel sorry for me, this was good thing.

Blanketed with love, affection, flowers and perfect handcrafted cards from my girls and hubby, the morning started with made to order breakfast and wishes for me to “spend the day shopping”, “take the day off”… in other words get out, leave us alone… we’ll fend for ourselves.  Sounds tempting I know, but as a treat for myself… I actually wanted to, to ….. CLEAN!  I know, don’t get all freakish on me now, but as a mother, or any person who runs a household, you ever get those moments when you look at all the little stuff that needs to be done around the house?  The organizing, the deep dark cleaning that no else sees, the places you’re embarrassed to call home? We see these little nuisances and we say “Oh yeah, I’m gonna save that for a really big cleaning day”.  And then another day comes “Yeah, you just wait and see, little closet, I’m gonna show you.”  “Well, maybe I’ll just wait until that big party we’re having, and then might as well do all my cleaning at once.”  Well, my days were numbered… company was coming, and it wasn’t just the kind of company that stays downstairs… away from the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms.  This…. was an over-nighter!  Aunt Donna is coming and the countdown is on.  My sis-in-law from Seattle was coming for a short visit, and it was just what I needed to get my house under way.

A recent buy one get one free coupon for my favorite bald headed BFF Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was all the ammo I needed to get that fire lit under my bum.  No shower needed for I was prepared to work up a sweat.  Hair hoisted up in a treetop swaying on top of my head, pj’s still on and a bottle of water by my side was all I needed for this workout.  Because Aunt Donna was staying in my eldest daughters room, that would be the first place to explode.  Bedding whisked from the bed and tossed into the air like a cloud of sheets, lay in a cushiony pile on the floor, windows opened and aired out, Dyson the vacuum stood patiently by my side waiting its turn… and then without further delay – as if in fast forward, Magic Eraser in hand, my arm unconsciously sprang from my side and magnetically pulled me to the walls, releasing a scrubbing sensation similar to a “wipe on” “wipe off” motion that would make the Karate Kid look like an amateur.  Only moments later, I had to stop myself and look at my work, eyes proudly surveying my new sparkly walls and molding –  and glancing back at the now disheveled and blackened Magic Eraser in hand.  As if now in slow motion, my ears tune out the world around me, where I can only hear the heaving of my chest and heart.  I take a long swig of water, wiping my lips with the back of the non-magic hand and continued wiping the spray of sweat slipping from my temples.  I realized my handy sponge really was like magic.  Looking back at my walls they looked freshly painted, molding… well, maybe not as fresh, but whiter than before (we can’t all be perfect), and it made me think of all the times we re-paint because we can, because it’s considered an inexpensive change, but then why are we buying scrubbable paint, if not to clean it someday, right?  And so my pride fueled more ammo into an already raging fire and before you know it, my daughters room led into another daughters room, and into the hallway and down the stairs… and if Mr. Clean had babies, well I’d have more beautiful white sponges to use, but after going through 1 1/2 boxes of of sponges – I knew I had to call it quits… at least as far as scrubbing went.

My cleaning became a mediation in motion and knowing that this was all because of Aunt Donna coming… it really wasn’t about her.  This was not something she would notice or judge upon…. it was my clearing of stagnant energy that loomed in the house of places that we don’t really go and in hindsight created a Feng Shui (the Asian art of bringing energy and balance into the home) that lifted my spirits from the inside out.  I was insanely happy.  I didn’t eat, I just drank my water.  I didn’t have to shower, because I had no where to go.  I didn’t have sports or practices, or to take kids anywhere.  I didn’t even have to think about dinner.  I was just in my cleaning “zone” and it felt great.  Trust me that wasn’t all that was going through my mind… I did however, toss many “why’s” into this cleaning frenzy.  Such as: Why… after incessantly having my kids wash their hands as soon as they come home from school, wash their hands when they come inside after playing, wash their hands every time before they eat… WHY does my molding look like smeared fudgey hand prints?  If you didn’t know my kids you could instantly guess at how tall each is by the height of hand prints that if looked at very closely, could eventually connect hand prints like dots from room to hallway to room and so on.

I may have put Mr. Clean to rest, but rest wasn’t exactly in my physical nature that day.  With occasional visits from my girls and hubby to get out of the house, “You should not be cleaning on Mother’s Day!” was what I was told time and again, but it all paid off.  I can go on and on about all the chores I labored over till 10pm that evening, the organizing, the loads of catch up laundry, the windows, etc., but the gist of the story is… maybe that Feng Shui stuff really works.  Working up a sweat, using every yoga posture imaginable to reach every nook and craney and limited eating left me with a feeling of restoration, rejuvenation and revamped feeling on the inside.  My attic (my head) was clear of cobwebs now.  I gave myself exactly what I needed and wanted that day and although Aunt Donna will have no clue as to what manifested before her arrival, I know that I will feel a sense of pride and gratitude.  Feng Shui or not, I’m grateful she just so happen to choose the spring time to come and shift my lazy butt into gear to get some necessary spring cleaning done

And when it was all over, the the AhHa feeling continued knowing that dinner was already prepared, steaming hot and ready for me.  What’s for dinner you ask?  Delicious “Asian” Lettuce Wraps.  Maybe the art of Asia was looming in our house afterall that day!


What?  Is that an “Asian” t-shirt I have on too?!  Crazy.


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