The Toilet Paper Prank…

Not exactly inspirational as most of my blogs, but just plain, ridiculous fun!  I had to include this video made by “Nalts” and “Wife of Nalts” for all you You Tubers out there in video wonderland, to see the other side of the RaeCole author that occasionally likes to let loose.  This entertaining skit couldn’t come at a more prominent time after all hell broke loose last Friday and I had what I like to call a Social Media Meltdown.  After Twittering, Facebooking and social networking all day, a sort of rampage from deep inside vomited its way out of my soul and poured itself out to what seemed like a scene from “When Harry met Sally” and Sally’s on the bed streaming tears of the day she’s going to be 40…. someday.

After my crash, I did what any girl would do, I loaded up on the strongest of Margarita’s with hubby, Nalts and Wife of Nalts and got silly.  Real silly.  Check this video out of me and my crazy girlfriend and don’t be afraid to leave a comment here.  It’s all in good fun and most importantly it keeps my balance in life – right in check. ☺


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