Spring Expo…

Mary wearing our "OM" hat that sells for $24.99

Mary wearing our "OM" hat that sells for $24.99

Our spring Mind Body Expo was a great success this past weekend.  As the day went on and got busier, it’s always a hassle for me to remember to break out the ol’ camera and take some memorable shots.

My hat goes off to this woman, an icon in the Bucks County area who has literally brought yoga to all our surrounding communities and continues to teach till this day.  Here is a picture of Miss Mary Bode herself at a fiesty 81 years young, displaying one of our OM hats that fits her to a T!

Thanks Mary for inspiring all of us to stay young at any age!

Gutzy Goddess T only $19.99

Gutzy Goddess T only $19.99

It’s nice to run into regulars at these expos, that eventually become friends.  Strutting around the corner of our booth came such a friend like Edie sporting our Gutzy Goddess T she purchased at our last expo and a huge grin.  I had to get a shot of her in this shirt, ’cause if anyone lives true to their Goddesship, it’s Edie.  With a reign of titles under her belt, she is famous for her Goddess Retreats and Cuddle Parties and is a proud ordained priestess to just name few.  Go Edie!  Go Edie!


Until next spring, I’ll try to remember to take more pictures.  In the meantime this year has only just begun.  Got Girls, has GOT more exciting stuff to come!


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