My Pursuit of Happyness…

Starting to wrap the end of another work week up…. wait, I didn’t actually say that, did I?  As a mom, we know we never quite wrap up a work week.  Our work continues 24/7, it’s just that we have different divisions of our responsibilities, right? Cleaning, laundry, kids, laundry, errands, more laundry,  food shopping, the list goes on and on, and don’t forget those that have paying jobs as well.  I’m a very part-time yoga instructor teaching 3-4 days a week, plus occasional workshops, but I also have The Gift Series by RaeCole™ business which I started a couple years ago.

The movie “Pursuit of Happyness” comes to mind when I think of my struggles to get this business started.  Not that Will Smith’s character was starting his own business, but just his drive and desire to keep moving ahead, keep trusting and oh, his intense yearning to survive and believe in himself came through so powerfully strong, I could totally relate.  Not in the sense that I am homeless in any way, but the struggle of trust and the pursuit to reach our goals, whether money related or personal ventures of ours… the strategy can be of familiar territory.  Trust.  Mine happens to be of personal journey…… a journey that consists of various facets of commitment, trust, focus, and the ability to not have to be perfect.  Oh, I didn’t mention this in any of my blogs yet?  I just recently found out that I have to be perfect.  Well, not me in general… trust me, there’s NO perfection in this body of mine!  My perfection lies in my work and although I once took it to the yoga extreme, I’ve now inherited this misfortune in my business as well.

My desire for all young girls to experience their most awkward time in their life (puberty) as something of a celebration has been quite the challenge.  Why it’s supposed to be as obvious as the new millennium.  Aren’t we supposed to be raising kids in a more positive and supportive atmosphere, where we encourage their strengths and embrace their weaknesses?  My concept is to do just that… only conveniently placed in a gift for the benefit of parent and child, I just didn’t know it would be a challenge to actually convince moms to do this.

As I said, what seemed obvious to me, warranted explanation to others, but that’s okay, ’cause moms are starting to get it.  A known fact we should teach our girls to honor this journey of a lifetime [“The Business” posted on February 25, 2009], because any girl who has transformed herself from little girl to full fledged woman, knows what a journey it is!   Hormones…. buds popping up…. hormones…. sweat glands… bodily changes and certain unmentionables that would require I place this blog in the R rated section of WordPress.  Did I mention hormones?  You know I can’t tell you being in this business over the last couple of years and talking with so many moms and their experiences with their first period, is kind of heart wrenching.  The stories… bad, bad stories people.  But aside from the stories whether good or bad… EVERY girl remembers that time in her life.  How old she was, where she was, what she was wearing and most prominently, what her mother did… or didn’t do.

I remember talking with a couple of moms at a recent expo, who literally ran to my booth from across the room, “Does this have anything to do with the Red Tent?”  She yelled excitedly.  “Why, yes!”  I returned.  She went on about how she had the same feeling I had after reading the book and she too wanted to do something special for her daughter when she reached maturity.  Key word – wanted.  Her daughter now 18, never got the chance to celebrate that time with her mom, because like all moms, with our 24/7 jobs, our intention is good, but when the time comes, usually unexpectedly, we are not prepared, nor do we know what to say or do to make it a positive experience for her.  Perfection aside and truth be told, this business is organic in nature, for it is derived from the seed of my heart and continues to grow and mature bringing a sense of beauty and sisterhood into young girls lives.

In hindsight, this company to me is a replica of the special relationship between parent and daughter, as I treat her (The Gift) like a young vibrant gift that brings joy into the lives of others, accepting her imperfections and seeing her in all her possibilities, where she will grow and mature into the fine swan of a Goddess for all to see; and I the mother of this business, will strive to continue reaching as many young girls as I can for their Pursuit of Happyness alone.


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