A Day in the life of a Snow Day…

Consuming large amounts of empty calories, a belly full of sweets, salts and more carbs, can only mean one thing…. SNOW DAY!  I know there are many moms out there who hate a day like today because it means kids stay home… all day… nothing but, a stream of snow gear, hats, and boots continually running the dryer, melted snow all over our clean floors and kids high on hot chocolate, but I still love it!  A Snow day still brings back the excited kid in me feverishly waiting by the radio to announce our school closing and that bolt of excitement that energizes a once tired girl who had to go to school, into an energized and now awakened girl that doesn’t have to go to school.  My giddiness started last night, just as the storm touched ground, hubby calls up to say our district was already cancelled, as he swept through the upstairs with light steps not wanting to wake the girls, shut their alarm clocks off and I rolled over grinning from ear to ear pulling the covers closer to me as I snuggled into insights of what tomorrow would hold.  First on the agenda, sleeping in was a must, hmmm… then I would stay in my pj’s of course… we all would for that matter, and then, and then…. my would be sweet dreams, soon turned into thoughts and those thoughts turned into mind chatter, and before you know it, the sun was sparkling off of newly crisp snow and it was morning.  Already?  But I didn’t even get to sleep….not really, that is.  My giddiness turned sour at the thought of my first list on the agenda already fallen through.  Hmmm, well it was still a snow day right?  My excitement peaking again knowing when the girls get up I can trick them into thinking they have to go to school, “Oh honey, we overslept, it’s really late and we gotta get you to school, hurry!” and then PSYCH!  Gotchya!  Works every time….

Now it’s at the end of our snow day as I sit here with my new found friend, the Muffin Top Belly hanging recklessly over my sweatpants, girls fragrantly defrosted in a hot shower after playing outside ALL day (can’t believe I used to do the same!), and hubby snoring soundly on the bed, spooning our dog after shoveling by hand most of the day, we can sit back say “Ahhh… yes, that was good, that was a well deserved day off!  I think I could do it again tomorrow.  Why not, right?  Stay in… kids and hubby here ALL day long, just us, my house trashed, my muffin top expanding by the minute… yes, yes, yes… NOT!  Gotchya!  Works every time. 😉


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