An Unannounced Visitor…

So this morning as I’m helping my girls get off to school, my little one who is quite the morning gal… always up early, dressed, washed up, even makes her bed all in approximately 6 minutes flat, begins to tell me about her imaginary birds.  Never the one to experience an imaginery friend in toddler years, but somehow when she turned 10 only days before, did these magical friends appear.  And so with my one eye open, still drinking coffee and pouring cereal in a bowl, did she proudly tell the tales of her two bird friends.  Trying to politely listen with one ear… the other ear heard chirping.  Real actual chirping.  We looked at eachother, like “Did you hear that?”  We shrugged it off, like it was too coincidental and she continued back with her story.  God forbid something as real as chirping birds while she’s talking about her own bird friends, should interupt.  But, again the chirping started up.  With suspicious eyes now growing very large, did I follow the sound coming from the living room, scanning the room from right to left, like I was honing in on my own prey… do I see our cat hunched on top of the couch with a live little tweety bird in his mouth.  Ugh!  Our two dogs, one very large in size have now caught on to my “scared” signal and decide to bark, jump on the couch and run around the room, all at the same time… alarming me as if I didn’t already know… intruder, intruder… there’s an intruder in the house!  Okay, stay calm…. exactly what time is it that this should be happening so early in the morning?  I yelled for my daughter to quick open the back door and as I reached for the cat ever so cautiously, did he start to growl real loud.  Hmmm, this is not going to be easy.  “Really cat, I have no intention whatsoever in your prized prey.  It’s just that I can do without the feathers and guts all over my fine couch this morning.”  My knees shaking, being scared of my own sweet, gentle cat… I cleverly grabbed hold of him as tightly as I could, tuning out the growling and just hoping that he would hold onto his bird friend.  Did I mention that our cat is 15 pounds!  Yes, add this to his nails gripping into my couch and his dead weight, while dogs are jumping up on the both of us.  I screamed at everyone, “Get out of my way!” and off I tossed our cat and bird out the back with dogs chasing after it.  The dogs didn’t get very far as the cat quickly jumped over the fence and did God knows what to it’s friend, but now my attention was what my couch looked like.  Despite the feathers everywhere, fortunately not so bad.  My legs still shaking I got our super sucker Dyson vacuum out (the one specifically designed for pets of course!) and began my usual daily cleaning a bit early this time.  Once I start, it’s hard to stop, but I soon realized I had to finish getting the kids off to school.   And so, without skipping a beat, our morning continued as if nothing ever happened and off we went on our day.  Next time my girls tell me they have an imaginery friend… I’ll be more cautious as to who exactly they invite in unannouced!


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