The Truth…

2009 Teen Workshop

2009 Teen Workshop

Ever have those moments where your truth just sort of blurts it’s way right out of you before you had a chance to think? Working with teens has always been my little hiccup that announced itself on many occasions, where I never really thought about working with teens specifically, nor did I ask for it…. literally that is. I always enjoyed my time while I did work with them teaching yoga to different sport teams, various college groups and school groups, but it never occurred to me that it might actually be a passion of mine. Feeling easily comfortable around this age groups and somehow relating to their issues, has always left me with “something” to say or teach them. Many times I would be in the middle of a conversation with someone, not even relating to teens, but at the appropriate moment a very confident hiccup would release itself and somehow manage to say “Yes, I specialize in teen groups. I have much experience in this area and am working on developing teen workshops in the near future.” Huh?……. I do? ……… I am? Well, yes, after not a lot of thought, I did have much expertise in this area, and yes, I love teaching their oh so confident minds and well yes, I really do have something to say in regards to this.

There it is,……… my truth speaking without my editing lips to fail me. Mixing the ingredients of teen yoga along with my new Celebration Box business, made quite a recipe for a plan that is slowly coming together for kids today. So much emphasis is put on parents today from the time they were babies, in creating a loving and positive world for them. We spent hours telling them how good they are, how beautiful, how smart. Spent quality time with them every second we could, instilling in them that they could do whatever and be whoever they wanted; and then they grow up and somehow hit an age where none of it matters coming from their bias parent. The only thoughts that matter are what their friends think, strangers think, even what the media might think of them. Our kids definitely care what we think, and we, as parents will continue to instill in them as much positivity as we can and should, but unfortunately, it sometimes goes in one ear and out the other. I’ve made this mistake where I’ve repeated something to them over and over like I’m helping them practice lines for the big play of “life” and they have the lead part and have to get their life right! Goes in one ear…. and out the other. So I’ve learned when teaching my adult classes how powerful the symbol of a posture can be and how they can incorporate it into their daily life. Ponder this for a moment….. if it works for adults, won’t it work for kids too? Yes! And so, like the Red Goddess Celebration Box, focusing on the celebration and not the silence…. same goes for teens and yoga. Instead of telling them to be positive, telling them to be confident, to take responsibility for themselves and stay in their integrity are all very overwhelming hopes for kids still trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into this Universe. Enter, Yoga For Teens. Where the focus is on the practice and not the education of life. But more profoundly… where the Practice is already Perfect.

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One thought on “The Truth…

  1. Thanks, great article.

    Made me smile and think of the “positions” I’ve been in related to young people and to teaching, without ever really thinking proactively about it—it just WAS.

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