The Intention…

Okay, so I can tell right now, that these won’t be in any particular order just yet. I have too many memories to organize a complete rolodex of thoughts, besides it’s all about the little sparks of enlightenment that make it all worth while in the end….

MY” best…. ahhh this lesson did start it all! So it was a cool, sunny day in October of hmmm, let’s say 2006? I worked at a local spa doing Shiatsu Acupressure and decided on my break to see what was new and exciting in the retail area. A small display of tiny silver charms caught my eye… one of which a little buddha dangled eagerly for my attention. These tiny charms were known as wish charms and hung from the thinnest strands of silk. A different wish for each symbol. I quickly turned the little buddha charm around to read the wish posted on the back of it’s display and it read something like, “Make a wish for pure enlightenment or an awakening experience”, place this charm around your neck and when the silk wears away and breaks off – whoola! – your wish will come true. Hmmm. Okay, well I felt already like a pretty happy person. I took pride in teaching yoga… in experiencing life through lessons learned…. enjoyed having a positive outlook on life – but what the heck… I could always use a little more enlightenment.

I closed my eyes, wished for a true awakening experience, placed the little guy around my ankle instead of my neck and hoped for the best. If anything… he was quite adorable just to have, let alone get any kind of enlightment from him, would just be icing on the cake.

I soon forgot about my little sidekick and my wish, only to remember him when shaving my legs… oh yes, which I did this on a daily basis, right? The months continued and instead of feeling joys of happiness, I started feeling worse. Holiday blue’s crept around and the new year didn’t start off any better. What’s going on? What happened to my spark, my drive? I watched “The Secret”, I meditated more. I decided to put it “out there” that I was looking for something else in life. A new job maybe? Yes, I was getting out of bodywork…. my voice wasn’t doing any good for me here in a dark room with no talking or conversing much with clients. My job was too quiet for me. I did teach yoga very part time, but that wasn’t enough of a voice for me. I had something more to say, only I didn’t know what it was. “I’m going to find another job… No. Another career.” I would say. And I would literally tell everyone, “Yes, I’m going to start a new career! What is it, you ask? Oh, well, I haven’t really gotten that far yet as to actually decide on that particular career of choice, but you see it’s going to find me.” Okay, I got a lot of weird looks on that one. But then….

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