The Idea…

March 2007….

So I had this idea after reading the best selling novel, The Red Tent many years prior, that I would celebrate my girls transition into womanhood. They were only ages 3 and 5 at the time… I can’t help it… I think of things early on, what can I say?

I would tell all my friends who had girls to celebrate their daughters time of maturity with a celebration of a gift box or treasure. I told so many friends over the years, but most had young children at the time and probably couldn’t think of those days ahead when Disney characters and post potty training days were still their present future.

Jump ahead after some years passed, a very dear friend shared her experience with me on how she celebrated her daughters first period with this very concept. Well hold me up! Can you say excited? It was beyond words what I felt for both her and her daughter. It’s obvious now, I just get carried away over the little things in life that have such a positive impact…. I kept that great feeling with me until that evening and shared this event with a friend of mine who’s daughter would be coming of age soon. My expressions got the best of me and before you know it, I knew I wanted all girls to feel this same acceptance, this cherished feeling from a mom, that this transition into womanhood was good thing… a normal change.

I quickly jotted all my ideas on paper and within hours had my concept, my design and all it’s components pulled together. Now what? Was this idea turning into a business? A career perhaps? I didn’t know, but I knew it was a commitment I had to prove to myself. In fact, that’s all this journey of a business has been…. just a stinking commitment to myself, that I can do it, that I deserve to do it. If not for me… for each girl that would experience this concept.

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