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And so it all began with my one little intention I put out into the Universe… my new career had begun. Of course the career was not literal…. yet. No I had more lessons to learn….. contacts to manifest and patience to conserve. Patience… another one of my biggest lessons. Get an idea in my head and off I go too excited to slow down. In fact, picture a little girl (the Little House on the Prairie girl comes to mind) running wildly down a steep hill so fast, her body and arms flying aimlessly around suddenly get the best of her and she tumbles down the hill into a full fledged roll. She picks her self up, dusts herself off, and continues walking the rest of the way down, saying “Okay, I get the message.” That was me. Only I fell many times after that and to this day have to continually remind myself to slow down. I am a yoga instructor after all… shouldn’t I know all about slowing down? A thought pops into my mind as I write this…. that must be why my loyal students come to me. Probably because deep down inside, they know that all I am teaching them are lessons that I have learned myself and wanna prevent themselves from making the same mistakes! Hmmmm….

With two girls of my own, this quest that began personal, was now a commitment to all young girls. Ever since the idea of this concept came about, girls in today’s world started maturing way to quickly year after year, they are entering serious relationships at very young ages and they look and act much older than what they are even prepared for. Why?

We could blame society and we can blame media, but I’ve never been one to blame, and the fact of the matter is, we cannot control the vast majority of society. I want and teach my girls to take full responsibility which is why it up to us (here comes the role models again) to keep coming up with unique ideas to teach our girls to be positive. The Gift Series by RaeCole™ was what I envisioned as the perfect, but very simple treasure to be given to a young girl at the time of her maturity. A gift handed down from woman to woman. As you watch your daughter or niece or whoever, go through their awkward time in their life…. physical changes, hormonal changes and a society that says they must look and act mature, but yet they still feel like little girls inside, why not validate this time in her life? If we don’t validate it for them, then they will feel pressured to do it themselves…. and trust me, their idea of validation is not celebrating their womanhood. They don’t know to do this for themselves, just like your daughter wouldn’t know to brush her hair everyday, unless you taught her how. “This is what we do every morning and every night Suzie to keep our hair neat and clean.” Same goes for “This is how we celebrate our womanhood, we take care of ourselves and respect our bodies changes as women.” Do girls like to talk about their bodily changes? Probably not most, which is why we put the emphasis on the gift and not the silence. By giving a beautiful gift from the heart, you teach her a simple but strong, positive message that says “Congratulations. This is a good thing and I’m here for you.”

The Gift Series by RaeCole
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2 thoughts on “The Business…

  1. Thank you Marianne!

    I don’t have daughters but I’ve grappled with some of the same ponderings related to my son (he just turned 17). When he was 5 I began introspectively considering how I would help him through his teen years to transition successfully into manhood. I was not raised with my own father and most male role models in my life had not been wholesome.

    In my search for “what” to do I crafted a Rites of Passage Program that has been the “treasure” passed down from father to son.

    I love this concept of such a precious gift forged from your personal, private, and very intimate desire to be the best mom possible to your girls.

    Thank you, your story (which I read on validates my journey and lets me know that I haven’t been crazy all these years. I too look to turn our program into a product (this is proving extremely difficult), but your journey inspires me to keep moving forward.


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