Memoires of a Yogini…

As I sit here and type hopefully one of many blogs… I quickly realize how easily my fingers flutter across the keys, like a pianist playing my first rendition at a famous blogoncert; that this feels rather, empowering…. liberating and quite honestly, healing.

So, my plan is to blog my life long lessons (because there are so many of them). I’m not sure if anyone will ever see these “Memoires” of mine, but hey…. isn’t that what truth is all about? It shouldn’t matter if anyone sees or even cares what my life long lessons are, but I can say this…. somehow hearing someones elses struggles and successes can be quite rewarding if it just so happens to hit a particular note with them.

My lessons are somewhat little miracles, yes mini miracles for me. So why not journal them. People have always told me to journal my thoughts… I know Oprah says how empowering thoughts on paper can be, but I never considered myself a writer until now.


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