Sounds like such a complex word, but how true it rings that we can actually manifest or create our life’s goals, wants and needs. To actually “participate” in our future is a challenge to some, but bizarre for many to even grasp. Finding the balance of completely letting go and giving all my grace to the Universe and finding what my weaknesses are and working towards strengthening them, has all been quite a conflicting balance that will forever be there. Balance has been my key mantra for quite sometime now. So much so that I tattooed it on my shoulder as a reminder to not worry about the success of it all, not worry about being all good, but instead enjoying what is. I don’t claim to be all good in the least. In fact I’ve come to realize, I don’t want to be all good at all. It’s too much work, and it’s too much expectation I’m placing on myself to always make the best decision, parent my kids the perfect way. Saying that being all good, is like saying someone is perfect, and we all know the tale of that line. I try to teach my girls and teach my yoga students, especially the teens, that for me balance has been the key antidote for my prescription to life.

How did I even get on this topic? Wasn’t I discussing manifestations?

Manifesting was as obvious as my little Buddha friend. It’s easy right? You put the intention out there and poof, it appears? I quickly learned this was not the case…. all the time. It also doesn’t happen overnight, which can be a good thing. I realized what I asked for, or thought I should ask for, didn’t happen because it wasn’t what I truly wanted deep down inside. How the clever Universe knows us oh so well… possibly more than we know ourselves. I guess I got on the topic of balance because it was what I had to learn first in order to receive my manifestations. Balance meant learning what my weaknesses were(one of which is patience) like wobbly arms preparing to lift the heaviest of barbells overhead. You see the challenge ahead of you, you compare it to the weakness in your arms along side of you, and then with some quick breaths, much focus, and a helluva good chiropractor nearby, you dive into the challenge maybe lifting the weights a few inches off the ground. And so you try again…….and again…. and yes, again. Why if you asked for patience, you don’t expect the Universe to hand it over like an expected package do you? “Um, yes Mrs. Impal, we have your package of patience right here for you. It’s all gift wrapped and topped with a pretty bow, just like you asked.” Hmph. We could only wish. But no, the world has different plans for us. Ask for patience and you shall receive many tests of patience put before you instead.

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