Little Buddha…

I didn’t forget my little friend the Buddha. Well, actually I did forget about him, but I did remember my intentions as months went by!

Little Buddha

Little Buddha

I received Shiatsu on a regular basis…. acupressure for those not familiar with this type of bodywork. After each session, (which reminds me, by the crick in my neck, I need to make another appointment) I would sit up and chat with my ol‘ shiatsu friend about any new and enlightening experiences in my life. I of course mentioned my latest and greatest awakening moment. My mini miracle that spiraled into a full fledged business. My face and words expressive as I re-in acted this beautiful time in my life and during mid-sentence…. a coolness slid down my ankle and my eyes followed my shiny friend as it lie there on the shiatsu mat staring up at me…. exhausted from all the work he had achieved over the months. I picked him up, my eyes and mouth wide open, the first thing my shiatsu friend did was hold up his hands in a surrendering motion saying “I didn’t touch it”! No, my friend this is a good thing. A very good thing. A perfect reminder that put it all into perspective. And this my friends is just the beginning…


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